Tina Fisher Photography | Life From This Lens - February - Hard Light

Life From This Lens - February - Hard Light

March 01, 2018  •  2 Comments

This year I'm joining some wonderful ladies in working on different photography techniques.  This month we're working on "Hard Light".  I have to say this was a little harder than I thought.  For most of the month any sunlight we had my kids happened to be in school and I think I have enough of our dog sleeping in his chair.  So I used to outside house lights and our street light to make this work. 

Feel free to follow our circle around to see what everybody else came up with.  Next up is Jessica!



Great job Tina! I am with you ... super hard topic for Winter! I love that top photo though, you found some light and made it work!!
These are wonderful Tina!! It was certainly a hard challenge and I think you rocked it. My favorite one is the last one - what a ton of snow!!
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