Tina Fisher Photography | About Me

Hello and welcome!  I’m so glad you’re here! 

I have fallen in love with capturing the beauty in the moment, of seeing the gift of “right now”.  I love freezing time, preserving that honest love we have for each other.

I am a wife to an amazing husband and father, who makes this all possible.  I am blessed to be a mom to three amazing kids and I’m graced by God’s love for us each day.

I believe in being bold at what you do and who you love.  When I look back at my life, I’ve always believed this.  I really want to capture this bold love between people.  I strive to capture emotion.  be Bold.

I believe every day is a gift and there’s beauty all around us. I aim to see and capture that beauty.  That includes you, your children, mine, an amazing sunset, a moody sky, your home, a beautiful park, a fun walk.  I want to capture the beauty of the love between you and your family.  be Beautiful.

I like to try new things, go to new places.  I truly believe life is an adventure and I long to capture these adventures!  Photography allows me capture authentic moments, adventures, and the love between the people around me.  I aim to be authentic in all that I do and all that I capture.  be Authentic.

My photography and editing style is a clean, bold and authentic look.  My promise to you is to do my best to capture you and your family in an authentic, organic way that shows the love between you and your family.  I’m always grateful that you and your family will let me peek into this connection and capture you Boldly, Beautifully and Authentically!

I can’t wait to meet you!