The Loder Family Adoption

It was such an honor to get a call from Molly a few months ago asking if there was a chance I'd be interested in photographing her soon to be son's adoption.  Of course, I said yes!  I'm a complete sucker for raw emotion, good or bad.  Or so I thought. 

Molly and I talked the night before going over what may or may not happen and we were both prepared to take anything as it would come.  There were two things I didn't quite expect. 

I'll be brief about the first unexpected thing, we sat through two or three divorce cases before the adoption case.  Something struck deep emotion and I kind of had enough tears that I was passed a tissue.  Christmas, divorce and kids all made me sad yet happy to hug my husband when I got home.

The second thing. just before the judge entered the courtroom I was told that she wouldn't allow me to photograph anything until after the adoption.  I wasn't quite sure why since the courtroom was cleared when the adoption case was called.  So it was just family and the social worker and Molly & Mark's now son, is actually 19.  But she is the judge, and I follow the rules when it comes to the law.  So while they were being sworn in, talked about their road to adoption, I sat and listened to their wonderful story (I wished I was photographing!).  I wasn't able to see or capture Malacai's face when he teared up and said how he was excited, thankful and blessed to be a Loder,   I almost dared to snap a photo of Molly's hand on Malacai's back but I was terrified of being called out or thrown out, so I sat and waited.

Until finally I could get some photos.  (I think the judge is more used to posed pictures.)

Congratulations Loder Family!  You are all very blessed!