My First (Almost) Birth Session Buffalo MN Hospital

When a client books me for a Fresh 48 (hospital photos of your newborn) session I like to ask if they are at all interested in a birth session.  Usually, one or the other of the couple isn't quite comfortable, which I totally understand.  I ask because one of these times somebody is going to say they are interested.  Having photos of what this event might look like helps future couples know if maybe they would like to have me photograph their birth story. 

I am not sure I would have done this type of session myself when my son was born.  Honestly, I didn't even think of it.  However, my husband took a photo of our baby as the doctor held him over the curtain (emergency c-section) so I could see him for the first time.  I cherish this photo so much so when I meet a couple and we're talking about a Fresh 48 I often wonder....would they like a photo like the one my husband took. 

When I met the Mann's for their maternity photos, I asked and they both answered immediately with a "Yes".  Their first baby and my first birth session!

We all know every birth story is different and all our planning doesn't always work out.  These babies come according to their own plan.  I think it prepares us for the constant change of parenthood.  This birth story goes beyond what I could capture even though Mama tried so hard to avoid a c-section. 

I am honored that they allowed me to capture their story.  It was such a joy to spend this time with them.  You can click here for some of the photos from their Fresh 48 Session.

Off they go....