From the Gratitude Journal: Our Land

Summer schedule started before school got out which only meant we did double time.  School let out and we immediately added more activities to the already full load.  Needless to say, the order I prefer to keep in life has been derailed. 

The Bus Stop project has ended.  I was glad when it did and yet I do miss it.  I'm looking forward to two new projects. 

In an attempt to slow down time, capture our life and give thanks to God for all that we need to I'm going to pick something each week from my Gratitude Journal to photograph. 

This week I am grateful that Adam and I are finally starting our dream.  It's been a long time in the making to get to this first step.  I'm quite certain our family and friends wondered if we'd ever get to "someday when we get land and build a house". 

We're finally here. 

When we put our offer in the grass was low and the trees were just starting to get leaves so it looked quite different from this last week.  We see the beauty when we can move beyond the front road filled with mosquitoes.  

The kids will enjoy the only time they will eat raspberries in the front yard!  Fortunately they can eat from the lakeside.  :)


Thank you to Stephanie Schumann of KG Realty for helping us find the perfect place to build our home!