Explore Minnesota December 2017

December had me really busy with a busy salon, Christmas preparations and celebrating three times, as well as daily life.  Needless to say, there wasn't a lot of exploring going on for me.  For our last Christmas celebration we went to Grand Rapids.  Beyond the normal Christmas gatherings my sister brought us to Murphy Hill. 

Murphy Hill is nestled between the backyards of two rows of housing.  One street light illuminates the hill enough for sledding, not quite enough light for my camera to come away without grainy photos though.  But that's ok, my kids will remember the hill and not care so much about grainy photos.  

It rained in Grand Rapids in the days prior to our little night outing so the hill ran a little like a luge track.  Karley and Henry's tandem treks downward slammed her into the "wall" and her face was proof of how icy it was.  Poor thing.

Our night at Murphy Hill:


Explore Minnesota is a part of a series that local Minnesota photographers are showcasing some of our great state.  Next up on our blog circle is Erin!  You can follow the entire circle to see what some of my Minnesota photographer friends found to explore in our state!