The H Family - Waverly MN Photographer

We worked quick to beat the rain.  Together we were able to capture these images before the rain completely took over.  It's been a hard season for photographers with all this rain.  I've scheduled and rescheduled more than I ever have but I feel like we still won!

Thank you for having me take your family photos "H Family"!


Thank you again H Family!!

The H Family - Watertown MN

The Hoese family celebrates a few different milestones this year and a photo shoot was one nice way to mark these milestones.  Lauren & Lois celebrated 50 years of married this year!  I am always in awe of 50 years.  Mike & Jen (my brother & sister in-law) celebrate 25 years of marriage in a few weeks!  Lastly, both of the oldest two grandchildren have just left for college.  I can't even image the range of emotions and having children leave the nest. 

We had a great session and can't wait for the next milestones!!


Congratulations for all these wonderful milestones!!!

From the Gratitude Journal: Summer Baseball Nights

This summer has proved to be one different from all the rest.  The older two kids have been more involved in sporting activities which has us in chairs behind home plate.  Every week this summer two nights are baseball and two nights are softball.  Days are kept busy with tennis and golf.  The youngest has been enjoying her time at the golf course and I expect next year she'll give the bat a swing with her older sister.

As much as these activities keep us running four nights of the week, we really are grateful watching the kids learn, grow and become part of a team.  Some of my fondest memories from school are of being a part of a team.

Sharing a few images from our son's double header last week.

Enjoying the rest of summer.


From the Gratitude Journal: Our Land

Summer schedule started before school got out which only meant we did double time.  School let out and we immediately added more activities to the already full load.  Needless to say, the order I prefer to keep in life has been derailed. 

The Bus Stop project has ended.  I was glad when it did and yet I do miss it.  I'm looking forward to two new projects. 

In an attempt to slow down time, capture our life and give thanks to God for all that we need to I'm going to pick something each week from my Gratitude Journal to photograph. 

This week I am grateful that Adam and I are finally starting our dream.  It's been a long time in the making to get to this first step.  I'm quite certain our family and friends wondered if we'd ever get to "someday when we get land and build a house". 

We're finally here. 

When we put our offer in the grass was low and the trees were just starting to get leaves so it looked quite different from this last week.  We see the beauty when we can move beyond the front road filled with mosquitoes.  

The kids will enjoy the only time they will eat raspberries in the front yard!  Fortunately they can eat from the lakeside.  :)


Thank you to Stephanie Schumann of KG Realty for helping us find the perfect place to build our home!


Explore Minnesota December 2017

December had me really busy with a busy salon, Christmas preparations and celebrating three times, as well as daily life.  Needless to say, there wasn't a lot of exploring going on for me.  For our last Christmas celebration we went to Grand Rapids.  Beyond the normal Christmas gatherings my sister brought us to Murphy Hill. 

Murphy Hill is nestled between the backyards of two rows of housing.  One street light illuminates the hill enough for sledding, not quite enough light for my camera to come away without grainy photos though.  But that's ok, my kids will remember the hill and not care so much about grainy photos.  

It rained in Grand Rapids in the days prior to our little night outing so the hill ran a little like a luge track.  Karley and Henry's tandem treks downward slammed her into the "wall" and her face was proof of how icy it was.  Poor thing.

Our night at Murphy Hill:


Explore Minnesota is a part of a series that local Minnesota photographers are showcasing some of our great state.  Next up on our blog circle is Erin!  You can follow the entire circle to see what some of my Minnesota photographer friends found to explore in our state!

Explore Minnesota November 2016

I'm so happy that my kids like to get outside to explore the backyard, in the snow, with blizzard conditions.  Yes, really, blizzard conditions, in November already.  They didn't care one bit.  They were so happy to make a snowman.  Me on the other hand, I'd rarely get out there if I don't have to.  In all honesty if I wasn't able to bring my camera to document their happiness I could easily stay in by huddled over the heat vent. 


Thanks for stopping by!

Explore Minnesota - October 2016

October!  Fall, such a beautiful time of year!  We traveled the state from north to south this month and in the end I picked images for our Explore Minnesota blog circle that were close to home. 

Our new middle school called for a new park!  My husband did most of the sports running this Fall and he found the juggling of time waiting for one to finish, one to start and one left easier to maneuver with a beautiful playground right on school property.  My camera and I feel the same. 

Karley played volleyball, Henry played flag football and Sophie played on the playground in the setting sun.  I followed her around getting lost in lines and shapes. 

I would say, Minnesota has an abundant supply of awesome playgrounds to explore!

Next up on our blog circle is Jo!  You will love seeing what she explored by visiting her page!

Artist Inspired - Orange

Life has changed for our family over the last eighteen months, more than I would have thought two years ago.  Photographically speaking, my website is in the middle of change, my session load has changed, I'm about to re-brand and I hope one could say that my photography style has changed.  Nothing is quite where I want it and that's ok because the things that keep me from getting all the way there are the important things.  Things like my kids, my husband, my other job and running.  All in due time, a process.  I'm happy to be in the process.  My personal life is also changing, back to the working outside the home, running again, and moving salons (again).  I don't mind change but it sure will be nice to settle into a routine that lasts a bit longer. 

I've joined a wonderful group of women who are all in different seasons of their photography journey as well.  I don't get to spend as much time with these online friends as I'd like to but once a month we are coming together to share our journey and what inspires us.  We are a wide gamut and I love that.  I love being around encouraging and supportive people in real life and online.

This month the theme is "Orange".  For some reason I find mixing color and photography challenging.  I almost skipped again this month but I am determined to get off the ground and just do it.  There is little "orange" in these photos, one small orange pumpkin and little creativity in lining kids up for a traditional Halloween photo but with all these changes, they are, and this is my one constant.  Their joy, inviting others to join and capturing the simple.  My life is making circles to my past just as much as my son's Halloween costume.  A failed mummy costume turned a funny joke via a costume he wore many years ago.  Circles.  Time repeating, with new twists.


Artists Inspired Blog Circle is made up of an exceptionally talented group of photographers from all walks of life, from all over the world. They are wives, mothers, friends, daughters and visual storytellers who draw from their own experiences to create art that is inspiring, unique, beautiful and thought-provoking.

Next up in our blog circle is Sharleen!  Stop by her page here for plenty of beautiful orange photos!  Take a peek around the circle to see more orange!

Explore Minnesota - Fall Harvest Orhcard

We've been going to Fall Harvest Orchard since Sophie was just a baby.  My first picture of her being there was of her in a wrap sling inside my jacket.  We've been there every year since and one year Henry had his school friends join him for his birthday party.  And each of the kids have been there for a school field trip a couple of times.

It's a very special farm with a lot memories.  This year we took Gram with us for a quick after school visit.  I didn't get the images I hoped for.  The kids moved fast, just as fast as the little goat who liked to escape.  Either way we marked another year at Fall Harvest Orchard.  Hopefully we'll get there one more time!

I encourage you to find a little orchard to take your family!

The Explore Minnesota blog circle is continued with my friend Erin Blair.  Check out her beautiful images and where she explored here