The M Family Fresh 48 Buffalo MN Hospital

He's here!  After a long birth session little Henry finally made his arrival!  Here are some of his first visitors and the new parents.  The best part of this Fresh 48 session was when I finally got to hold this sweet sweet baby boy. 

Surrounded by love:

My First (Almost) Birth Session Buffalo MN Hospital

When a client books me for a Fresh 48 (hospital photos of your newborn) session I like to ask if they are at all interested in a birth session.  Usually, one or the other of the couple isn't quite comfortable, which I totally understand.  I ask because one of these times somebody is going to say they are interested.  Having photos of what this event might look like helps future couples know if maybe they would like to have me photograph their birth story. 

I am not sure I would have done this type of session myself when my son was born.  Honestly, I didn't even think of it.  However, my husband took a photo of our baby as the doctor held him over the curtain (emergency c-section) so I could see him for the first time.  I cherish this photo so much so when I meet a couple and we're talking about a Fresh 48 I often wonder....would they like a photo like the one my husband took. 

When I met the Mann's for their maternity photos, I asked and they both answered immediately with a "Yes".  Their first baby and my first birth session!

We all know every birth story is different and all our planning doesn't always work out.  These babies come according to their own plan.  I think it prepares us for the constant change of parenthood.  This birth story goes beyond what I could capture even though Mama tried so hard to avoid a c-section. 

I am honored that they allowed me to capture their story.  It was such a joy to spend this time with them.  You can click here for some of the photos from their Fresh 48 Session.

Off they go....


The Mann Family-Lifestyle-Maternity-Waverly-MN

Part of the fun of doing a lifestyle maternity session is that I get to see some really creative baby rooms, not to mention all the other fun decorating ideas!  Yes, yes, the real fun is getting to meet these super cute couples and to capture them before their sweet bundle of joy arrives.

Before we started all of a sudden I heard myself asking if they would ever consider a birth session (yes, birth!).  Without hesitation they both said, "Yes".  Photography dream come true!  More on that in my next post!  Because we first made these beautiful pictures. 

Oh, how about that pup?  Do you think he has a clue what's coming?

Thank you Mann's for having me come to your home!

The Moelter Family - Delano MN Family Photographer

It amazes me how time flies!  I've been photographing this sweet family since my favorite little ginger was just a baby.  It's so fun to see these little people grow and move on to the next steps of life. 

I think by far this age is the toughest to photograph as they have their own spirit and are more interested in seeking the world around them than the me and my camera.  They also move fast, as in really fast!  Thankfully, I keep up, and thankfully, the parents are easy going and are more interested in capturing life as it is.  Isn't that what we really want anyway?

So here's a few (it was hard to narrow down even for a blog post) photos of the joys of life with two happy little kiddos at an apple orchard on a Fall afternoon in Minnesota.

The Carlson Family - Waconia Family Photographer

I usually fall in love with a session in color or black & white but this session I loved it both ways.  I could easily have blogged this session all color or all black & white.  So it's a straight up mix today!

I also wanted to mention that Mom's biggest request here was one photo of all of her kids looking at the camera.  I told her not to worry we'd get it and we did, but we all worked for it.  :)  I didn't include any of those images her on the blog post because Mom is most likely going to use those for Christmas cards.  I didn't want to include them here just in case somebody stumbled upon them. 

A small word about how wonderful these two parents truly are.  Not only do they have five kiddos of their own, they help another young lady and her young baby.  I was able to get some fun images for the pair!  I wish you all could see them but for now they are just for them to treasure.  Thank you to the Carlson family for help those in need beyond your own large family!

I hope you enjoy your family photos!

The Brown Family - Winsted MN Family Photographer

I can't even begin to tell you how thrilled I am when the Brown's contact me each Fall for their family photos!  In hopes that they would once again call upon me this year I found the perfect spot just for them.  There were two reasons I picked this location, the first was that I knew the silhouette picture at the end would be fun (if the rain would stay away) and I loved the red of the sumac.  Thankfully, we had a weekend this fall that it actually didn't rain!

It is so fun for me to see these girls grow year after year.  One of the things that has been a reoccurring item each year is their favorite little blankies.  I love getting these blankies in the images as I know all too well one day they will be left at home.  So if they're with, we include them!

Thank you again Brown Family! 

The Duske Kids - Waverly MN Photographer

I love photographing these kiddos.  I love photographing all kiddos and the Duske kids have been behind my lens for years.  I have the privilege of being able to capture them at the bus stop, in the pool, in the course of play around our neighborhood and  for these portrait sessions. 

Thank you Duske Family!

The H Family - Waverly MN Photographer

We worked quick to beat the rain.  Together we were able to capture these images before the rain completely took over.  It's been a hard season for photographers with all this rain.  I've scheduled and rescheduled more than I ever have but I feel like we still won!

Thank you for having me take your family photos "H Family"!


Thank you again H Family!!

The H Family - Watertown MN

The Hoese family celebrates a few different milestones this year and a photo shoot was one nice way to mark these milestones.  Lauren & Lois celebrated 50 years of married this year!  I am always in awe of 50 years.  Mike & Jen (my brother & sister in-law) celebrate 25 years of marriage in a few weeks!  Lastly, both of the oldest two grandchildren have just left for college.  I can't even image the range of emotions and having children leave the nest. 

We had a great session and can't wait for the next milestones!!


Congratulations for all these wonderful milestones!!!